Our Health and Social Care System has the potential to be transformed through digital innovation, to help us live healthier lives, increase the personalisation of healthcare and enhance economic productivity. As a society, digital interactions have changed the way we live, shaped our behaviours, the way we learn and our expectations from the services we use making it imperative to embed technology innovation with our Health and Social Care System.

This constant evolving of technology provides many opportunities for example around digital diagnostic tools at point of care, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics within population health management and risk stratification at point of care. All this requires a new way of thinking to ensure innovation can be appropriately harnessed and embedded within all our lives. Our Dorset Digital strategy is driven by our health and social care digital leaders.

We work alongside clinicians and our ICS partner organisations in helping to understand what is possible with modern day technology. Understanding the challenges allows us to involve industry and academics to enhance public health models, more effectively utilise data, improve governance, develop innovative partnerships, innovation and engagement for better outcomes.