Our organisations have significant experience in clinical trials. Because we have the Dorset Care Record (DCR) we are able to work across primary care, community care, acute care and now social care to identify patients who would benefit from taking part in clinical trials. Our integrated approach to primary care pioneered by Dr James Bennett means that we can respond as a system to requests. Our research teams in public health and social care bring an added dimension to trial work. Dorset offers the possibility of working with a population.


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. From having a shared set of protocols to one way of contracting for research work. Through Research Active Dorset (RAD), Dorset is open for business for organisations who want to drive improvement in health and care. We are already working with a number of digital organisations on the opportunities in dementia, urgent and emergency care, keeping people cared for in their homes, cardiovascular disease, simulation and artificial intelligence. We welcome approaches from innovative organisations who want to build expertise at a whole system level.



Research Active Dorset (RAD) takes a partnership approach to delivering effective and impactful research. We share the responsibility for getting the best for our population and as a result are able to achieve more than individual organisations or practices could do. We have a blend of expertise in our leadership from primary care, community care, secondary care, social care, public health, innovation, digital and academia. We are a mix of consultants, GPs, nurses, scientists, researchers, economists, managers, innovators and technologists. We sit in the NHS clinical research network and are part of the Integrated Care System (ICS) in Dorset reporting into the Clinical Reference Group (CRG) as part of the system governance.