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Invest in Dorset
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With a stable population, partnership working across all health and care and a fast-growing research base, Dorset is an emerging place for research. We have one of the UK’s oldest populations which isn’t a surprise as Dorset with its Jurassic coastline and sandy beaches is a fantastic place to live. With Research Active Dorset it’s now also a fantastic place to build a research career, invest in world class clinical trials, explore whole population wellbeing and to be at the forefront of a unique system-wide approach to improving healthcare.


Dorset is one of the leading Integrated Care Systems (ICS) in the NHS in England. The ICS brings together nine partner organisations that span health and care under a single leadership team. It is working closely with government to help shape care services in Dorset and provide a framework for health and care services throughout England.

At present, 28.3% of the Dorset population is aged 65 and over where the UK average is 18%, a demographic that puts Dorset 20 years ahead of the rest of the population. In addition, the development of the ICS in Dorset has allowed for a shared approach to research and innovation. This is co-ordinated by RAD and reflects the shared ambition across health, social care, research bodies and academic organisations to transform health and social care for the Dorset population through research, innovation and education which is embedded in professional practice. As part of our vision we are working to develop a “Living Lab” Science Park in Dorset.



We will work with industry and business, locally, nationally and internationally to establish a Science Park allowing us to impact positively on the health and wellbeing of the population.

The vision is that a “Living Lab” Science Park would:

  • Delivery research enabled services on site and in the community
  • Create research and innovation teams that are comprised of Dorset workforce, communities, commercial organisations and the university
  • Encourage and support the accelerated development, integration and scale-up of innovation-led, high-growth, knowledge based and assistive technology businesses with our care system

  • Provide an environment where larger and international businesses can develop specific and close interactions with a community and our professional talent for mutual benefit
  • Provide formal and operational links with centres of knowledge creation such as universities, higher education institutes and research organisations with the Living Lab creating the engine room for this collaboration.

  • Embed the ‘Living Lab’ in Dorset, the place where society is 20 years ahead of the rest of the UK providing a greater opportunity for businesses and our professionals to co-produce and test their products by directly connecting with end users at scale.
  • The development of the “Living Lab” would embed research and innovation into the community as the laboratory. It becomes the shop window and therefore the patient/user experience with an overriding purpose of keeping people well and maintaining independence. 
  • The Science Park will provide an interface between our workforce, place, science, academia and technology.