Research in Mental health in Dorset is underpinned by a comprehensive MH service across the patient pathway and covers most MH specialities. Dorset has well established MH services active in research from; primary care through our IAPT services, secondary care MH covering all of the age range from CAMHs community services to Adult and Older peoples CMHTs through to tertiary care with inpatient services for all age groups. There are also specialist MH services in the areas of eating disorders, perinatal MH, liaison and diversion, forensics services and an intensive psychological therapies service for those requiring highly specialist psychotherapies.

Research is an expanding priority for the MH services within Dorset. Recruitment into national trials has grown in each of the last 3 years with particular strengths in IAPT and memory assessment services. Collaboration occurs between clinicians from Dorset Healthcare the local MH and community service provider and a range of academic and sponsorship organisations across the UK including Leeds, London, Sheffield and Oxford. A particularly close and beneficial relationship exists with Bournemouth University through its departments of nursing, social work and psychology supported by the Bournemouth University Clinical Research Unit which provides a comprehensive research environment for potential researchers.