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Research opportunities
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The opportunities for taking part in research are continually changing. The latest research projects for which we are seeking participants are shown in the posts below.



It depends on the trial. Some trials are run in hospitals and some in the community. The researchers decide on the best place for the trials to be run, so they can capture the correct patients and get the best data. Sometimes it would be a hospital doctor who is running the trial and sometimes it may your GP or a GP who is interested in research.

The benefits of research are endless. Being able to participate not only help’s you but the wider population too. Being involved in a clinical trial will enable us to provide answers which we don’t know yet, find out that some medicines that we use already can be used for other conditions, collect basic data (such as quality of life) to find answers on how to improve a person’s quality of life and discover new treatments/medicines that will help all kinds of diseases. The reason we do research is to benefit patients, we have a very stringent regulatory board that primarily protects the patient taking part but also ensures that all study procedures are completed to the same quality to produce findings that can be translated into healthcare.

Usually most patients find being involved in research very rewarding, as they feel they are contributing to the progress of knowledge and helping to develop and prove new treatments. For all research studies you will have direct contact with the research team so if you are worried about anything you will be able to contact them directly. If you are on a study ran over several years you strike up a new relationship with the team which has been rewarding for past patients who have been recruited for research.

During any research trial, your safety is paramount. There is always high levels of safety monitoring and oversight of all clinical trials. Sometimes your usual care may be different if it relates to the trial. However, if this is the case your progress is monitored throughout. During the process you will usually be given direct contact information if you had any questions or queries.

Yes, all research studies would send relevant information to your usual GP.

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