The UK has a dynamic and ever changing society driven by population change and shifting social factors that influence people in their day to day lives.

As an organisation that exists to serve the people it is vital we use state of the art research to establish the best picture we can of the local population and the social issues they face. In modern day society the pressure on local government to provide accurate and up to date information has never been greater with reduced budgets and greater demand for services than ever before.

At Dorset County Council (DCC) our research team uses a variety of disciplines to achieve this and establish an accurate picture of the current state of Dorset.

  • Our specialised demographers use the latest forecasting models to project how the population of Dorset is likely to change. This enables us to add context for services planners and anticipate future needs. Find out more.

  • We use further information from our mosaic customer insight specialists who look more at the type of people who live in Dorset and predict their likely patterns, activities and concerns.

  • This is supported through further research data. Census information is useful in helping plugging gaps in the picture we have of our population (Census app on Dorset Statisticsand national measures such as the indices of deprivation (Indices of deprivation dashboard)which  help us keep track of just where in Dorset our most at risk residents are.

  • We also possess spatial mapping experts who are capable of taking any of the above information and highlighting exactly where in Dorset the greatest social pressures are on our population.

  • Our labour market experts review trends in employment and demographic changes to produce employment projections for the sector. We also analyse the regulatory changes, skills requirements and education offer in the area.

  • As a team we are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and interrogate data and build a more complete picture of the issues we have. Our social mobility profiler is an interactive tool designed to investigate exactly where social issues arise across Dorset.

For further information please visit our Dorset Statistics website or contact our team at